June 21, 2024

COP-28: Climate Change Measures before it is too Late

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By: Pinkle Gogoi, Research Analyst, GSDN

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COP-28 which means Conference of the Parties more commonly known as COP-28 was the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference held from 30 November to 12 December, 2023 at Expo City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Sultan al-Jaber, the chief executive of COP-28 said that nearly eight years after the Paris Understanding and partially through the 2030 Plan, COP-28 is a convenient chance to leave upon another way towards powerful environment activity. As few UN reports show, the world isn’t on target to meeting the Paris Arrangement’s objectives, yet the expectation is that states at COP-28 will spread out a guide to speed up environment activity.

In 2020, individual nations thought of public environment activity plans pointed towards diminishing public outflows and adjusting to environmental change influences. With the following round of these plans booked for 2025, the result of the worldwide stocktake cycle could urge nations to raise desire and set new targets, surpassing existing arrangements and responsibilities. With such a huge amount in question, the Dubai meeting was a definitive second to transform environment plans into aggressive activity and reverse the situation against the environment emergency.

It was a gathering of all 195 countries where representatives came together to discuss and negotiate global climate policy and actions. COP-28 was very much important because there is this ongoing climate change and it is our responsibility to take some measures before it’s too late. COP-28 addressed the challenges of climate change, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, adapting to the impacts of climate change, and mobilising financial resources for climate action.

As a result of COP-28 climate meeting there were some important outcomes namely, acknowledgement of the need to move away from fossil fuels to reduce methane emissions, capitalisation of the loss and damage fund.

The Expectations

The main motive of COP-28 was to carry out a Global Stocktake (GST), a comprehensive assessment of where the world was in its fight against climate change and what more needed to be done to meet the climate objectives. The GST was mandated by the Paris Agreement to be a periodic exercise, the first one in 2023 and every five years thereafter. It also thought to discuss and ensure that the world had some hope of keeping within the 1.5-degree Celsius warming threshold.

COP-28 was held while an Earth wide temperature boost was breaking new records. The year 2023 is now affirmed to arise as the warmest year of all time. This year set new temperature standards. Over 80 days this year turned out to be somewhere around 1.5 degree Celsius hotter than pre-modern times. Simultaneously, every evaluation showed that the world was not doing what’s needed, and that the 1.5 degree target was quickly getting insane. COP-28 accordingly was supposed to utilise the GST to invigorate more aggressive environment activities, especially among now and 2030.

Notwithstanding, COP-28 frustrated on that front. There was minimal in the last consent to speed up environment activity temporarily.


Fossil Fuel Phase-Out: This was one of the most important topic at COP28 and it had not been discussed before. The role of fossil fuel in causing global warming had never been even acknowledged in any earlier COP before. After much discussions, the final agreement called upon countries to contribute towards “transitioning away” from fossil fuels, so as to achieve net zero by 2050. Many countries got very much disappointed that the term “fossil fuel phase-out” had not been used. Though the production and consumption of fossil fuels are unlikely to be curbed but it is not possible within the 2050-time frame.

Tripling of Renewable Energy: This was an expected outcome, and the only one that contributes to additional emission reductions between now and 2030. The COP-28 agreement called upon countries to contribute to tripling of global installed capacity of renewable energy, and doubling of annual improvements in energy efficiency. Together, these two measures have the potential to avoid emissions of about 7 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent between now and 2030, more than all the net result of all the other climate actions being currently taken. Tripling is a global target, and it is not incumbent on every country to individually triple its current installed capacity. It is thus not clear how this tripling would be ensured.

Phase down of coal: Notwithstanding being a non-renewable energy source, very much like oil or petroleum gas, coal has gotten a different notice in the understanding. This is on the grounds that coal was at that point singled out for work down in the Glasgow gathering in 2021. There was a transition to specify that no new coal terminated power plants could be opened without an in-fabricated carbon catch and storeroom, however this was unequivocally opposed by India, China, South Africa and other nations. It was dropped. Lastly, the Glasgow language was repeated. There isn’t anything about how this stage down is to be estimated, or from what pattern.

Methane emission cuts: The game plan talks about “accelerating and essentially lessening non-carbon-dioxide outpourings around the world, recalling for explicit methane spreads by 2030”. Methane is the most expansive ozone hurting substance isolated from CO2, addressing practically 25% of all releases. It is similarly on various occasions major areas of strength for more CO2 in causing a perilous air deviation. Methane outpouring diminishes can therefore bring huge benefits. Nonetheless, a couple of countries, including India, are unimaginably against any request to cut methane spreads, basically considering the way that one of the huge sources is cultivation and tamed creatures.

Loss and Damage Fund: This was one of the most important outcomes for the poor and vulnerable countries. Though a decision was set up last year in Sharam el-Shaikh for the lost and damage fund but it had not been created and no money had been promised. Now COP-28 operationalised this fund on the opening day of the conference and several countries including host UAE, made funding commitments worth about US$ 800 million. The fund is meant for the countries for financial help trying to recover from climate-induced disasters.

Global Goal on Adaptation: This was another significant step emerging nations had been hanging tight for. All things considered, adaptation hasn’t got sufficient consideration, or assets, as contrasted and relief exercises, basically in light of the fact that variation is generally a local endeavour. Its advantages likewise are mostly local.

In any case, emerging nations had been contending that a worldwide system for adaptation was important to carry more consideration regarding it. As needs be, the Glasgow gathering had chosen to set up a two-year work program to characterize the forms of this system. The work program brought about the identification of some common objectives, significant for the whole world. These included decrease for environment actuated water shortage, reduction in climate induced water scarcity, attaining the climate resilience in food and farming creation, supplies and dissemination, and resilience against environment prompted wellbeing influences.

COP-28 embraced the structure, yet significantly more should be finished on this front, especially in distinguishing the markers to gauge progress on every one of the worldwide objectives. The transformation understanding presently needs monetary arrangements, and nations would have to keep chipping away at it to reinforce it before very long

Way Forward

What ought to be the Way Advance?

Focus on Environment Money Targets.

All respective benefactors should satisfy their environment finance responsibilities and set more aggressive targets.

The requirement for incorporating environment finance into public improvement plans and arrangements is much more prominent than previously.

Clear Guides and Timetables

Foster clear and nitty gritty guides with explicit timetables for accomplishing key achievements and targets.

Lay out interval objectives that add to the generally speaking long haul targets, encouraging a feeling of responsibility.

Upgraded Public Activity Plans (NDCs)

Nations ought to re-examine and reinforce their Broadly Resolved Commitments (NDCs) to reflect more aggressive and substantial environment activity targets.

NDCs ought to cover a great many areas, including energy, transportation, farming, and industry.

Regulation and Strategy Backing

Institute and reinforce home-grown regulation and approaches that help the execution of environment targets.

Coordinate environment contemplations into existing regulations and guidelines across different areas.

Put resources into limit working at nearby, public, and worldwide levels to upgrade the capacity to carry out environment activities really.

Give preparing and assets to help mechanical, monetary, and institutional limit.

Global Participation.

Work with the exchange of environment well-disposed advances, particularly from created to emerging nations.

Share encounters, examples learned, and best practices among nations to speed up the reception of harmless to the ecosystem arrangements across ventures.


COPs are pivotal in the fight against environmental change however the street ahead is both testing and promising. Its prosperity requires aggregate assurance, enduring responsibility. It requires determination, commitment and support from all the countries so that all can come together and work for the greater cause. Thus, the leading members of the countries must take initiatives in battle against climate change.


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