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Global Strategic and Defence News (GSDN) started its foray on November 11, 2022 as a forum to provide accurate analysis on geopolitical and defence issues that concern the world at large.

The date of 11 November was chosen as it was this day in 1918 that the World War I ended. The end of the World War I is of immense significance to the world as it catapulted the United States of America as a super-power and communism rose in the erstwhile Soviet Union. The world has never been the same again after the World War I as the tectonic changes in geopolitics have regularly shaken the world.

The era post the World War I also saw USA developing its nuclear weapons and with nine nations currently possessing the nuclear weapons. The world is now on an edge of the immense catastrophe that awaits it, in case a nuclear strike takes place.

Geopolitics has assumed immense significance in these tough and turbulent times and it becomes important and imperative for every person to understand how the geopolitical changes and circumstances are affecting each one of us.

GSDN is an attempt to simplify the most complex geopolitical issues so that the common man assimilates the global complexities in a simplified form.

The Strategic Affairs section and the Defence section has articles related to these topics. Candid Conversation section has interviews related with experts of Strategic Affairs & Defence on topics of international importance. Amazing Achievers section has interviews of luminaries from all walks of life who have made a mark for themselves in various fields.

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God speed and God bless.